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About Zero...

About Me...


"I am a producer/artist/DJ who is trying to make a positive impact on my audience by bringing a new flavor and style to modern dance, EDM, and pop music. I am passionate about electronic music production, sound engineering, and music theory. I also love internet marketing and studying how artists make money (business)." -Z

Current Plan...


"My goal as an artist is to use my time at the University at Buffalo to launch my professional business in the music industry. I am working hard to produce new content, gain exposure through DJing clubs and parties, and build a platform for my brand- DJ Zerø. I am studying business administration in school to use that knowledge in my personal musical endeavors." -Z

My Producing...


"I love producing music. Recording, mixing, mastering, and anything in between. I have a lot to learn but I am determined to never settle. I use LogicProX and ProTools 11 as my main DAWs and have a recording studio in my basement. Send me an email if you want to collab!" -Z 


My latest Release: 'max velocity'

My first preformance


Let's Connect

Questions? Wanna collab? Suggestions? Book a recording session?  Just want to talk? Below are ways to contact me: 

Zero Music

Corning, New York, United States

Phone: 607-438-9103 Snapchat: isaacriz1 Instagram: @musicbyzero E-mail:

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